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Looking for the best home treadmill reviews? Whether you’re looking for the best home treadmills for running, jogging or walking, or you’re even thinking of investing in a dog treadmill or treadmill desk – you want to make an informed choice. We know better than most how hard it can be to wade through hundreds of brands and models and try and compare them all. After all, that’s what we’ve been doing for years. And it’s our experience that we want to bring to you here to make your job a little easier.

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The Best Home Treadmill Reviews

Our researchers and testers spend hours getting to know all the manufacturers, brands and machines and we’ve consulted with fitness professionals from all walks of life to get their opinions too. The result? The best rated treadmills for home use are all laid bare for you so you’ll be able to get the right machine for your personal fitness needs.

Why do we do it? Our goal is simple. We aim to bring you the best treadmill reviews on the internet. If you’ve got a question about the best treadmill for home, work or the gym or if you’re thinking of buying an elliptical machine or an exercise bike – chances are that we’ve asked that question and we’ve published the answer right here.

But finding information on the internet or even on one website can sometimes be just as daunting as finding information in the offline world. Hopefully you’ll agree with us that we’ve come up with a great formula for finding the best treadmill for home use tailored to your particular needs – making the information you’re looking for easy to find.

We’ve also been careful not to get too technical where it isn’t necessary and we’ve highlighted the most important information so that you can see at a glance the difference between models and brands. Whether you’re trying to determine which is the best treadmill for running at home, for jogging, for walking, for your dog or even for your office or gym – we’ve got the answers. And we’ve covered the elliptical vs treadmill debate comprehensively.

Shopping for the best treadmills for home use is all about choosing the model that is most suited to your individual needs. Everyone is at a different stage in their fitness goals and everybody is looking for different features depending on how they intend to exercise. We understand this and want to help you understand what each home treadmill we’ve reviewed has to offer you, personally.

There’s way too much information to analyze if you get straight into the fine detail of every machine manufactured for home gyms, but we’ve organized the articles and posts here at so that you can quickly parse out the brands and models that obviously won’t meet your needs, then start to dig deeper into the information you want about the machines that are going to best fit your personal situation.

Brand Overviews

Treadmill Brand OverviewsTo get started, we suggest you work your way through the brand overviews. These home treadmills reviews are the starting point for launching some more detailed research later on.

Each brand of treadmill has a different focus and we’ve given you some quick background information about over 40 brands so that you can scan out the ones that aren’t going to meet your needs straight away. Thinking of buying a Nordic Track treadmill? Maybe you’re looking for a Proform treadmill review because your friend has one and raves about it…

When you’ve found a few brands that seem to be ‘just right’ there are links on each brand overview page to find out more about the different models of that brand.

Ready to jump straight in? Take a look over to your right and you’ll see the complete list of brand overviews in the side bar.

We think you’ll agree with you that we’ve taken a look at all the best brands. Just take a list of all the reviews we’ve done to date:

AFG treadmills review, BodyGuard treadmills review, Bowflex treadmills review, Cybex treadmills review, Endurance treadmills review, Epic treadmills review, Fitnex treadmills review, FreeMotion treadmills review, Gold’s Gym treadmills review, Healthrider treadmills review.

Specific Model Reviews

Treadmill Model ReviewsWithin each manufacturer’s brand of treadmills, there are a number of different models representing a range of options all with the same key features or attributes that personify each brand.

Some models are simple, functional and inexpensive. Others are fully featured and made for serious athletes, therefore commanding higher prices. You’ll also want to know which models are manual treadmills, folding treadmills or platform treadmills. And some are commercial treadmills made specifically for health clubs and gymnasiums.

On each brand overview page you’ll see a quick review of each model and a link to more information about it. You can click on any of these links and you’ll be able to find out more detail about the features of each model and the kind of exercise or person it’s designed to suit. You’ll also get the full specifications and find out the price you can expect to pay on

We hope that by the time you’ve finished browsing our home treadmill review pages you will be aware of all the information you need and be able to start the actual buying process.

And just so that we’re totally upfront about our personal connection to the treadmill manufacturers mentioned on this site – we have no affiliation whatsoever! We receive no commissions, kickbacks or benefits from the treadmill manufacturers so we are 100% independent and able to cast a totally clear eye over their products without their influence.

(Not sure about the difference between a ‘brand’ and a ‘model’? Hint: a brand overview looks like this, ‘Sole Treadmill Reviews’, or ‘Smooth Treadmills’, while the model reviews look like these, ‘Sole Ff63 Treadmill Review’, ‘Sole F80 Treadmill Review’, ‘Sole F85 Treadmill Review’ etc).

A word about browsing in a retail store…

A quick warning for the uninitiated: Don’t be fooled by the sales people you’ll encounter in fitness equipment stores or the messages you hear on a random Walmart TV commercial. Retail stores are paid if they actually sell you a treadmill, not if they just give you information. Say you decide on a whim to wander into the Sears treadmill department one lazy Saturday afternoon. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, the staff will size you up in a few minutes and know what they can get you to buy while you are there in the store and they may not really care whether what you take home is going to actually meet your needs.

How do we know this (and how do we have the nerve to say such ‘awful’ things about sales staff?) We’ve been there. We know the ‘tricks’ to getting you to buy without taking the time to find out what you really want or need. That’s why when we’re writing a review of treadmills for home use, we’ve been able to remove the bias and just give it to you straight – for your benefit, not ours of the manufacturers. See, we want you to be happy with whatever machine you end up buying!

We think we’ve got the best home treadmill reviews, consumer reports and general home fitness information on the internet! Hopefully, equipped with the information we’ve published you can waltz into a fitness equipment retailer and tell them exactly what you want and how much you want to pay for it and they will be so shocked that they will forget all about trying to sell you the model that their boss is offering them a bonus for ‘moving’ or the brand with the best commissions.

You really are in the best place to negotiate a great deal on a home treadmill if you know what you’re talking about and know what you want when you walk through the doors. And we’re here to make sure you’ve got the information you need to start your home fitness journey right!

Home Treadmill Workouts and Fitness Tips

Treadmill Workouts and Fitness TipsEven after you’ve bought yourself the perfect treadmill, we’re still here to help. Being experts in treadmills means spending many hours testing the machines and we know how they work, what they can do for your health and how you can tailor an exercise program using a treadmill to help you achieve your personal fitness goals – after all, that’s the reason you want to buy a treadmill in the first place.


Check out our articles regularly for some great ideas on how you can use a treadmill at home to improve your fitness and quality of life. We discuss walking, jogging, running and even some unorthodox methods for using a treadmill for developing more physical strength. There is simply so much more that you can do with a treadmill at home than take a leisurely stroll every now and again. We’re determined to give you the kind of workouts you’ll find interesting, challenging and even amusing.

You can also easily subscribe to receive regular updates from us whenever we post something new. As you can see, while we’ve got the best home treadmill reviews here, we’ve also got much more. Our mission is to impress you and keep you coming back.

Treadmill Buyer’s Guide

There’s much more to our site than lots of articles helping you work out what is the best treadmill for home use. We know that buying treadmills means making a significant investment and wanting a significant return for many years. In fact, you’re going to spend more time as a treadmill owner than you are as a potential buyer looking at treadmills for sale. That’s why we’ve also taken the time to write a guide for getting the most out of your treadmill and keeping it in top condition after it’s delivered and set up in your home. We’ve answered all the questions we think you’re likely to have as a treadmill owner, such as explaining everything you need to know about treadmill belts and motors, warranties and parts and accessories and what to do if you ever need a ‘treadmill doctor’. Knowing how to do routine maintenance on your exercise equipment and get service when you need it is all part of the journey.

And what if you decide a treadmill isn’t the way you want to go?

When it come to home gyms, treadmills are only one choice. There are lots of different machines that have similar benefits and some specific qualities that you won’t get from the others. For this reason we’ve decided not only to review the best treadmills, but also publish the best elliptical reviews,  look at exercise bikes and help you navigate your way through other home gym equipment.

Other Updates

Being on the forefront of the treadmill industry means we hear the news first from the manufacturers and retailers about new product launches and great deals on existing models. We also keep an eye on what other reviewers, magazines and bloggers are saying. We want to pass this information on to you quickly so you can keep up-to-date on the best offers available on treadmills and exercise equipment for your home. Whether you’re still looking, wanting to upgrade or maybe recommend a home treadmill as a great way to exercise for a friend, our articles are the place to stay on top of  what’s happening in the marketplace.

We Want To Hear From You

We’re thrilled that you’ve found us and we want to hear your opinion as to whether we have the best home treadmill reviews, recommendations, tips and updates. You can easily leave a comment or an opinion on almost any page on our site by simply using the comment box at the bottom of each page. Feel free to ask questions here too, or to answer questions left by other people using the site. Your feedback is important to us.

If you want to contact us directly, you can also use our convenient Contact Page and your question, comment or concern will be sent straight to one of our experienced support team who will get back to you as soon as possible.

We sincerely hope that we can help you to achieve your health and fitness goals. To find out more about health and fitness generally, we recommend as a highly comprehensive source of tips, diets, workouts, health messages and weight loss strategies.

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